About us


The Housing Resource Center began during the fall of 1992 as a faith-based non-profit 501 (3) all volunteer organization providing emergency shelter. County Shelter Program service agencies in the Chehalis/Centralia area. Services soon expanded to include not only emergency shelter but also meals in church parish halls.

In 1999 LCSP took some bold new steps. The by-laws were changed and the name was changed to the Lewis County Shelter Program, demonstrating a growing independence from the Lewis County Association of Churches. They expanded the Shelter's services to provide year-round shelter with donated space through local churches. This arrangement between the LCSP and the local churches continued until 2004, when the Shelter received a grant from the State of Washington providing transitional rental assistance and supportive services to families with children. LCSP also purchased their first property, The Wilson Apartments, with the hope of remodeling to provide both a permanent shelter location as well as low income permanent housing.

In 2001 LCSP hired its first paid executive director and was donated the use of a house that allowed for 6 permanent shelter beds for women with children. The transitional rental assistance expanded in 2002 to serve 8 additional households. LCSP also demonstrated its commitment to the community in responding to a need to assist in the relocation of residents of a mobile home park as well as being active participants in the county's Continuum of Care Planning.

2003 was another watershed year for LCSP. The refinancing of the Wilson Apartments finally got the remodeling of that facility underway, as well as the purchase of another facility to provide office space for LCSP .Also in 2003 Russell Road Apartments, LLC, a limited partnership, was formed as a subsidiary of LCSP. Russell Road Apartments was awarded Low Income Tax Credits to develop a 26 unit apartment complex in Centralia for low income families.

During part of 2004, no emergency shelter beds were provided by LCSP, due to a loss of church facilities for the use of emergency shelters and the remodeling of the Wilson Apartments. By year's end, LCSP had a permanent 14-bed capacity men's shelter open in the Wilson Apartments and received a conditional use permit to operate a 20 bed shelter for women and children in the United Methodist Church in Chehalis.

Also in 2004 a second subsidiary, Russell Road Apartments II LLC, was formed and a second twenty five unit low income housing project was built. Both Russell Road Apartment projects were complete and fully occupied by 2006. LCSP is the general partner in both, and provides case management services to the occupants of the ten set-aside units for the formerly homeless.

In 2015, another name change was in order. Housing Resource Center was chosen as an "umbrella" name because shelter is only a small percentage of what the agency does. The name needed to reflect all of the offered programs.

The Housing Resource Center is proud to provide the entire continuum of care to its clients, taking them from homelessness to permanent stable housing or even home ownership. The Housing Resource Center continues to seek to expand and improve its services to the homeless of Lewis County.